god = god mode
notarget = enimies don't see you shoot at them
nomonsters= sem bicho
flky = fly
map(ExMx,START or END)-- Goes to specified map ie. E stands for episode and x stands for the episode no. M stands for map and x again stands for the map no. START or END determines if you want to go to the start or end of the map.
give all = recebe todas armas e itens
give (nome da arma ou bala ou item)
noclip = atravessa paredes
crosshair - add a crosshair for better aiming
impulse 11- gives u a rune (type it 4 times to receive all 4)
GIVE SHOTGUN-- Receive shotgun
GIVE SSHOTGUN-- Receive super shotgun
GIVE MACHINEGUN-- Receive machine gun
GIVE GRENADELAUNCHER-- Receive grenade launcher
GIVE ROCKETLAUNCHER-- Receive rocket launcher
GIVE RAILGUN-- Receive railgun
GIVE HYPERBLASTER-- Receive hyperblaster
GIVE SHELLS x-- Shotgun shells (x stands for the no.)
GIVE BULLETS x-- Machine gun bullets (x stands for the no.)
GIVE GRENADES x-- Grenades (x stands for the no.)
GIVE ROCKETS x-- Rockets (x stands for the no.)
GIVE SLUGS x-- Slugs for railgun (x stands for the no.)
GIVE CELLS x-- Cells for hyperblaster (x stands for the no.)
GIVE QUAD-- Receive Quad Damage
GIVE JACKET ARMOR-- Receive Jacket Armor
GIVE AMMO-- Receive all the ammo
GIVE ARMOR-- Receive Body Armor
GIVE BODY ARMOR-- Receive Body Armor
GIVE BFG10K-- Receive bfg10k
GIVE HEALTH #-- Receive health (# stands for the no.)
GIVE BLASTER-- Receive Blaster
GIVE INVULNERABILITY-- Receive Invulnerability
GIVE SILENCER-- Receive Silencer
GIVE REBREATHER-- Receive Rebreather
GIVE ENVIRONMENT SUIT-- Receive Environment Suit
GIVE ANCIENT HEAD-- Receive Ancient Head
GIVE ADRENALINE-- Receive Adrenaline
GIVE AMMO PACK-- Receive Ammo Pack
GIVE DATA CD-- Receive Data CD
GIVE POWER CUBE-- Receive Power Cube
GIVE PYRAMID KEY-- Receive Pyramid Key
GIVE DATA SPINNER-- Receive Data Spinner
GIVE AIRSTRIKE MARKER-- Receive Airstrike Marker
GIVE BLUE KEY-- Receive Blue Key
GIVE RED KEY-- Receive Red Key
GIVE SECURITY PASS-- Receive Security Pass
GIVE COMMANDER'S HEAD-- Receive Commander's Head
GIVE POWER SHIELD-- Receive Power Shield
GIVE ARMOR SHIELD-- Recieve Armor Shield
GIVE COMBAT ARMOR-- Receive Combat Armor